The Best Time in Berlin!

Hey everyone!

Where I come from there is this phrase that says “time flies when having a good time”. And so, time flew and without us to notice A1.1 course was over. I had a great time being part of my class, with people from all over the world: Italia, Portugal, France, Chile, Argentina & Nigeria.
We could manage to go out after classes and even on days when we didn’t have class.
This amazing group of people made my experience and time in DeutschAkademie a good experience!
Take a look at this picture:

After the last lesson, we all went together with our teacher Rudi, to a typical Bavarian place 5 minutes walk from DeutschAkademie’s building. It called “HB Munchen” and it is a very big place in a Bavarian style. We had beer and set all together to celebrate the end of our first German course A1.1 🙂


You can see how big is the place. There was a band playing typical music and also some other songs.
It was a very nice experience, more than all the fact that Rudi our teacher came with us, and he was also the one suggested this place.
Very cool!

I recommend you to go there with your classmates!

This is my last blog, I want to say thank you to all of my readers. I hope your German experience would be at least as good as mine.
Good luck with everything!
Thanks to DeutschAkademie for giving me this opportunity to write to your blog!

See you soon! Enjoy Berlin!

Thank you, and Tschuss