My MUST SEE for you in my Home Country

Fabio, 02 June 2020

I come from the second most visited city in Brazil, behind only Rio de Janeiro. The Iguacu Falls are located in Iguacu National Park. The falls are divided in half between Brazil and Argentina. When you visit the Brazilian side you have and spectacular view from bellow, and you get completely wet from the water mist created from the water. On your way to the falls you observe wild life and the strength of the nature in the region. For the bravest there’s even a tour in a boat which takes you directly under one of the falls, that’s a real thrill. Through out the entire National Park there are several trails and tracks that allow the most adventurous visitors to experience the forest on their own.

This is the place I grew up in, I have been there uncountable times and  is one of the things I miss from my country. Being so close to such a nature wonder is a blessing, if you plan a visit to South America, this is a MUST SEE. I would suggest a two days tour so you can enjoy both sides of the falls, Argentinian side has its beauty also since it gives its visitors a panoramic view from above the falls. The viewing point is only for the strong hearted.