It’s Not Just Learning…

Hey everyone!
Sadly, this is going to be one of my last blogs here (but who knows..) and once again I’m going to fill you up with information that might help you made up your mind about your German classes.

So, today I want to put the light on the class and lessons environment at DeutschAkademie German school.
Honestly, coming to class was one of the best decisions I made. The learning experience of a new language was very positive. Thanks to our teacher Rudi, the environment in the class during the lessons was relaxed, light in a way, and funny, not heavy at all, not too hard. He was very attentive, to the class’s needs and so, I think, he found the right way to teach us so we can observe well all the new information of a totally new language for us.

This picture here shows more than just a school, for me. It shows someone there wants you to have some fun during the classes. To change a bit the stress you’re in, maybe, to a positive new adventure (actually, the bear candies is a gift from our teacher Rudi). For me, feeling that somebody there wants me to feel comfortable and relaxed but not only wishes I would feel like that, but actually doing something for that with this gesture of colorful candies on our tables, make the difference! And makes an impact.

The feeling of warm welcoming, no matter where you come from is always the best feeling!
And for that, I give respect and send a thank you to DeutschAkademie school, that made me feel so nice during the classes.

I hope I could help you with your dilemma of which school to choose, as I know it’s not easy. But here’s a warm recommendation from a very good experience.

See you soon,