How to keep learning while not in your online German course!

Fabio, 11. Mai 2020

Learning a new language is not an easy task, German is my fourth language, despite having a good base for comparison to the other languages I know, German requires an extra time and dedication because of it’s unique grammar, here are some tips from me on how to get yourself practicing more during your day and feel more comfortable with it.

Besides participating in your online German course, watch simple programs like the news or a German series with German Subtitles, the open TV provides a digital signal all over Berlin and that also comes with a option for subtitles, do not get yourself demotivated after five minutes, the point is not to understand every single word, but the context also get yourself familiar with the pronunciation of the words.

There is plenty of printed material to read, the internet is also a great source of simple texts that can help you improve your reading skills, after my teachers suggestion I bought a copy of Deutsch Perfekt, is a magazine with easy, medium and difficult texts for those wishing to improve their German, the key is that the difficult words of each text are explained in German, like a dictionary, so you can read it more easily.

Last but not least, practice what you just learned, anywhere you go, small words with a cashier at supermarket for example, small talks here and there will build up your confidence, with each and every time that will decrease your level of stress when trying to speak, until your fear of making mistakes is all gone and you just have fun, that is when you learn the fastest.