How to best prepare yourself for your new online classes!?

Fabio, 04. Mai 2020

Your new Online classes can be challenging at times, at home we have so many distractions, here is some tips on how to be able to put those distractions aside and get you focused and productive while you are in class.

Have the correct equipment, take advantage of those headphones you maybe only use for music, they will prevent you from noises around you and also increase greatly your understanding of what your teacher and colleagues are talking about, they will also understand you better, simple headphones with a speaker point can do a great job.

Make yourself comfortable, not in bed, a nice bright environment, preferably in a table so you can also write comfortably, it will make the difference and will not make you tired.

Lastly, try to be in a space free of distractions, that is a bit difficult when you live with someone else, but the noise around you impacts your focus in class, so ideally you should be in a room alone, TV should be off and phone away, remember, self-discipline is key to succeed.