Germany in Brazil.

Fabio, 30 May 2020

Brazil is the third country with most German descents, behind only US and Germany itself. I come from the south of Brazil which is where most Germans migrated. In the very south of Brazil there are even cities which the second official language is German. As you can imagine is not the German spoken nowadays, is a post war dialect. Most of the Germans that migrated many decades ago have never returned to Germany even to visit, mostly because the travel is long and expensive.

I had contact with the German Language early, even though so far away from Germany, despite my Opa from my mom side being German, he never got to learn the language because he was already born in Brazil so were his parents. My mom’s best friend is German and her mother could speak only a very basic Portuguese. So often when we were by their house mother and daughter would speak few sentences in German. This is when I got to hear it for the first time, little I knew I would end up living in Germany and studying the language.

I am excited for my next visit home, this will be the first time I visit after moving to Germany and studying German, I will be able to have few conversations in German, I have exchanged few sentences via videocall with my mom’s friend and she was really happy about it.