Find your best way of learning with your online German course in Berlin

Fabio, 20. Mai 2020

While I was learning my second language, English, I realized that listening was my best way to learn languages. So when I decided to learn the German Language I knew that I would have to be surrounded by it constantly – listening and paying attention to it constantly. During my online German course in Berlin I also realized that I would have to start introducing different exercises of listening to my routine of studies.

I have mentioned before that small talks with people at supermarkets and small shops would increase greatly your skills. But also importantly is to be listening to it, even though you are not participating in the conversation. For beginners, small texts with catch phrases go a long way. DeutschAkademie website provides us with a material which is written in English while the narrator reads through it. There will be important phrases in German, so you can repeat and start to sink in all that information.

As I said, each and every person has its own way of learning. My friends for example need to write a lot, or read. Finding the best way you learn is half way for you to fully learn. But always keep in mind that developing only one skill is not ideal and you must also to make an effort to develop an equal capability in all three areas.