Exercises in the best German course in Berlin

Sara, 08. Januar 2020

We started learning the Zukunft (Future) tense in class and it didn’t seem too complicated. However, as is everything in German, it was a little confusing since we need to use the verb “werden” (become) in the sentence as a main verb and use the other verb at the end of the sentence in its infinitive form. Another thing that made it tricky was that the sentence structure became similar to the one used for passive sentences.

One of the various exercises in the best German course in Berlin was: The teacher split the class in groups of two and asked us to pick a subject and write about it in the future tense. My partner and I chose the subject “Wohnung” (living) and wrote a text about the living situation in Berlin in 180 years. I enjoyed the exercise a lot. I found it very helpful to learn something new in groups and with a little bit of freedom in our writing. The whole class loved our text as it was fun and engaging. It allowed us to learn in a quick and entertaining manner.