Dania, 08 December 2020

Our goal is to be able to use the language, to understand and to have fluent conversations. For that grammar is essential, but what is also necessary is to improve our vocabulary. We learn a lot every day, and while the grammatical structures are constantly repeated, words come and go, and so I needed something to help me remember them. There was an exercise where I was using the same vocabulary over and over because I had no more words on the tip of my tongue. I found helpful then to have them at the tip of my fingers.

Getting to remember words is about practice, to collect them, know their meaning, to repeat and use them in context, and as well to have them handy. There are many useful habits that can help, here is one: I took the advice of a classmate and started to write my own dictionary in a small address book. After each class, I write down the new vocabulary we have learnt using the alphabetical order already provided to organize the words. To have a normal dictionary is really good, but they can be big and we don’t need all the words. To create yours, little by little, goes along with what you are learning and what you find useful depending on your needs and interests.

In my personal kit, I have small recycled old German notebooks where I keep all the things I consider important to remember. And I’ve added as well to my kit my small Wörterbuch! Give it a try and create yours!

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