Bikes/Scooters in Berlin

Fabio, 15. Mai 2020

The good weather is now here and we see more and more bikes and scooters all over Berlin, this means of transport are not only environmentally friendly but they are at times, faster and more fun. Berlin has in majority of streets dedicated bike tracks, I am sure you already got over one of them and them got spooked by the biker’s bells. Berliners are really in favor or using means of transport that help the environment and are cheaper. There are several companies for bikes and scooters, some of the bike companies offer 30 first minutes for free, meaning if you return the bike to a station before that time you are not charged, and you can take another one and start your 30 free minutes again, you can go a long way like that.

Whichever you choose, always remember to give it a look on the T&Cs and always beware of the traffic, be safe and enjoy the nice weather.