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My German language stuying course in Germany, Berlin

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am 07. 2월 2018

Hello, my name is Ekaterine. I’m 29 years old and I hope very soon I’ll become one of the students of DeutschAkademie in Germany,Berlin.

I am From Georgia,Tbilisi. I have finished Tbilisi State Medical University. I am a Doctor, Angiologist.

Last January I visited Berlin with its magnificent palaces, opera house , Concert and Exhibition Halls , famous Museums, Churches, beautiful gardens, Squares, Streets, Bridges, gorgeous schopping centres, Luxury shops.  It was my first visit to Berlin, I did typical sightseeing and tried traditional cuisines. My visit lasted only 10 days, but during this visit I hope to find out more unusual and interesting places, traditions, national holidays and cultural peculiarities.

German is my fourth foreign language . I speak Russian, English and Turkish languages also. My aim and great wish is to improve my German language knowledge, to get a suitable German language knowledge certificate and be able to start a job as a doctor here in Germany. I think DeutschAkademie is a perfect chance for me to achieve these aims, find new friends and learn even more about Berlin and Germany.

I would like to share my experiences with you and become helpful for students of DeutschAkademie through making  the blog versatile .

Hope to see you in February!

Best wishes,





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