Mauer Park Flea Market

I’ve now had several interactions with locals that recommended a visit to the Flea Market at Mauer Park on Sunday. When a classmate indicated a similar interest, I asked to join, and we met up for a rainy Sunday stroll through the event.

First things first, we went during terrible weather and it was still relatively packed. I cannot imagine how busy it might be during the summer, but based on pictures on Google images, I would suggest being ready for a crowd. Also, FYI, the ground was extremely uneven, and not paved, so ladies, no high-heels or wobbly footwear. Additionally, several people told me that Berliners usually don’t even arrive at the market until 2PM or later, so there might be a more limited quantity of items if you are an early bird.

Booths ranged from antiques and vintage clothing to handmade goods and even food items like spices and sweets. There were also several snack areas with all kinds of yummy foods and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. I would say that almost every type of shopping was represented and if you’re looking for something, you can probably find it there. For example, I purchased a Middle Eastern spice called Za’tar that I ‘ve been looking for since my arrival in Berlin. Conversely, the person I was with tried on a variety of hats at a “hat shop.”

Although the shopping is considered the main event, my favorite part of the day was the people watching. While at Mauer Park, I heard many different languages being spoken, and the ages and races of the attendees were extremely varied. Some people had on colorful costumes, and others were dancing or blowing bubbles. As a San Francisco native, this sort of “vibe” appeals to me, and I found myself smiling all the way home. If this type of event appeals to you, I highly recommend a visit to this weekly unique Berlin affair.