Sports in Berlin


For all those of you who like sports, you happen to be in the right city. No matter if it’s raining, snowing, foggy or freezing, the weather it is not an excuse for Berliners to go out for a jog.

The great number of green areas and huge parks spread around the city makes it easy to feel close to nature and to enjoy practicing sports without feeling the buzz of living in a capital. I like this atmosphere and to find people of all ages (young children, moms jogging with their babies, elder people doing aerobics…) united by the will of leading a healthy lifestyle.

I’m lucky to live next to Volkspark am Friedrichshain, a considerable big park with different playgrounds, football fields, basketball courts, tennis table facilities, a small lake, beach volleyball courts…it even has an open-air cinema! I recommend you to have a walk around it if you have some spare time during the weekend, specially when it’s sunny, like in the photo.

If you can’t afford a gym membership, now you have no excuses to go out and get in shape 😛