Places to study

10_Places_to_studyI consider myself a very distracted person. When it comes to get down to serious work I lose my concentration very easily. Consequently, I need a very quiet place to focus just on reading and studying.

As probably as many of you at the moment, I live in a shared flat, which is super nice to have fun and enjoy the company of the flatmates but not really the best environment for studying. That’s the reason I’m writing this post. Where do you guys settle for studying or doing homework?

On one hand, the cafes are very tempting in Berlin: there’s a wide offer, they have comfortable places to seat and big tables, and it’s easy to find one with not too many people inside. The disadvantages are that it is still noisy, probably they’ll have Wi-Fi and you’ll spend some time checking your smartphone, and if you’re on a budget you’ve probably realised that coffee is far from cheap in Germany.

On the other hand, the city has many public libraries, called Stadtbibliothek, that you can access for free and enjoy reading in silence, use their desks and look up for more information on the dictionaries and support materials that they offer. As a withdraw I could mention that maybe you need to use public transport to get there, and if you’re feeling lazy this can make you lose your motivation.

In my opinion, libraries offer you better conditions for the studying process, but this really depends on every person, how do you feel about it and what suits your needs.

I have been going to the Heinrich-Böll-Bibliothek in Greifswalder Strasse 87, the one you can see on the picture above. Just in case anybody wants to visit it, it’s located straight out of the S-Bahn station Greifswalder Strasse, just behind Kaiser’s supermarket.