How do you learn the plural forms in German?

04_The_plural_01 Yesterday in class we went through the different types of plural forms for nouns in German, and it’s not always as easy as it seems. There are some rules that can apply to some words, but also many exceptions, so the though reality is that you must learn most of them by heart.

What did we do in class to make this more fun and easy to remember? We played a domino game where you had to connect al the pieces like a puzzle and make them fit. And trust me, it must seem like a piece of cake explained this way but it is a small challenge that makes the learning process more engaging and memorable.

Here you have some of my classmates very focused on their task, I’m sure they didn’t even realise I took this photo of them 🙂


I will come back to you soon with more German-language issues. The positive thing about being a beginner is that every day you learn something new for sure!