Finding a job in Germany – Where to look for a job

Berlin attracts tens of thousands of people every year – so the competition is high but also the playing fields is really big


Friend referral

I always find friend referrals to be the best, First – you have someone that wants you to succeed and can give a lot of information before your interview. Second, many times your friend can get a bonus for referring – so that ensures your friend will do the best for you to work in his company. Another good reason is that many times when friends refer you, you get a priority with the recruiter. Last – If your friend likes the company, you will probably too.

Facebook groups

There are many Facebook groups to help you find a job, just type in Berlin jobs and look for the groups that fit what you are looking for.


I think that LinkedIn is the best way of going at it. You can get a month of free subscription to the premium account that can help you out a bit.

Berlinstartupjobs – Have a lot of really good options

Glassdoor- another great source of offers

Xing – That’s the German LinkedIn – I am not really using it but it has a lot of local offers

Moberries is also a nice platform, I find it lacking jobs that require only English


Networking groups has a lot of meetups events that you can go to, they are usually around a specific topic or community so it’s good to find the ones you like and visit them. When you meet people from companies you are interested in ask them to send your CV, which will increase your chances to get the first interview.