Berlin under the snow


The unpredictable weather in Berlin has its positive aspects too. Personally, I love seeing the city covered in white, because it’s a picture you won’t get to see during other seasons. It’s a nice excuse for going outside and discovering new places – or places you already know that look completely different under a layer of snow.

For instance, Tempelhof airport changes its huge flat surface from deep green to bright white. Ok, maybe it doesn’t sound too appealing put this way, but I have been there after the big snow storm in January and it was quite impressing. Everyone was walking around, building snowmen (yes, even tiny ones like in the photo), walking their dogs, starting snowball fights, etc. If you have some time out it’s a nice place to go and take some pictures.

09_Berlin_under_the_snow_02 09_Berlin_under_the_snow_03

Another typical winter-postal picture is the one that you will find almost in every park: children and not-so-young folks riding those vintage wooden sleighs down the hills. It’s the popular entertainment activity when the snow comes, and it certainly looks fun. So fun that I was on the verge of sliding down the hill with a plastic bag as well.



In any case, make sure to wear a pair (or two) of thick socks and waterproof shoes, otherwise you will get soaked to the bones. Or just check that there is some nice cafe around to drink something hot after being outside, like this Biergarten turned into winter mountain hut for the cold season.

09_Berlin_under_the_snow_06 09_Berlin_under_the_snow_07