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Recommendation of the week!!

Berlin, am 17. lipnja 2014

4-0. This is the most important news for today. Who cares about school when Germany scored 4-0 and Ronaldo lost? The match was amazing to watch, the bar was full of people shouting at the big screen, and with every goal Germany scored all the people in the bar got a free Whiskey shot… and at the end of the night we left the bar… well… happy 🙂

The most common question this morning at Deutschakademie was “where were you last night to watch the match?” So here is my recommendation of the week – a great bar, called “The Castle Pub” in Wedding. I was introduced to this bar with the basketball Euroleague Finale a while ago and fell in love with the place. This is a cool place, with great music (live shows as well), great atmosphere, amazing food (my favorite is the pancakes- oh, my god- you have to try the pancakes!!), and too many types of alcohol. Don’t leave Berlin without going there!!

The Castle Pub, Hochstraße 2 13357 Wedding, Berlin




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