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Hallo, Deutsch :) Ich bin Yoshie :)

Berlin, am 24. kolovoza 2017

Hello 🙂

My name is Yoshie.

I am from Japan. I came to Berlin in June 2016.

Because I was interested in living and working abroad.


I have been here about a year so far.

I got a working holiday visa and was supposed to stay just for a year.

But I felt like that I really want to stay longer in Berlin so I decided to extend my stay.

That’s why I am finally learning German right now!


I am working in Berlin and also I am always looking for jobs as a graphic designer.

I usually work, go to the gym, do yoga, go a walk, drink lemonade, chill out and like traveling Europe.

I haven’t ever visited Europe before so I am very excited to see some cultures here and communicate with people in German 🙂






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