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Dritte: Neben dem Fernsehturm

Berlin, am 05. travnja 2017

Hallo zusammen,

So, I know for many of you, this week is the first week of a new level of Deutsch Akademie. Most of you are doing the 4 Week intensive program, but there are also some of you who are doing the 8 Week program. Now for those of you who don’t really know about the 8 Week program, it is basically just a less intense version of the 4 Week. You still learn the same information over the same number of lessons, but it is spread out over a longer time so you don’t have to cram a lot of information into one month if you don’t want to. This program may be better for some of you if you have full time jobs, full time studying, or just don’t have it in you to go to D.A. (Deutsch Akademie) every day for four weeks.

I decided to try this method of learning out. For my first month of D.A., I took the regular 4 Week Kurs, but since I was going to have a busy schedule in March and April, I knew it would be best if I attempted the 8 Week Kurs. Currently, I am at about the halfway point, with today marking the end of the fifth week. Honestly it is not much different from what I experienced last month. I go every Montag and Mittwoch für drei Stunden. These hours are a lot less rigid as you have a day of break in between and then the whole weekend off. The classes are the same size, but are in a different location. Instead of Wittenbergplatz, these classes are in Alexanderplatz, and not the main building either. These classes are actually directly gegenüber vom Fernsehturm. Honestly coming to school every week is made even better by walking directly underneath this awe causing tower and into the building.

The incredible view as I walk to class!

In my class I have 11 people, including myself, and just like last month’s Kurs, these people are from all over! I have an acquaintance from Egypt, from Romania, from Russia, from Venezuela, etc. It is very funny because I actually have a very very similar name to another person in my class (only one letter different) and we are constantly getting mixed up haha! We all took a little time to warm up to each other but now we are always laughing with unsere Lehrerin and working together! And speaking of unsere Lehrerin, she is absolutely great! I was worried, coming from my last class, that I wasn’t going to like meine neue Lehrerin as much as my old one, but boy was I wrong. My teacher is absolutely hilarious and super friendly. She is able to make even some boring parts of learning a language, such as learning a repetitive grammar rule, fun!

So that is my impression of this 8 Week Kurs. I love both options and I am glad D.A. gives you the ability to choose whatever is best for you. Neither one is better than the other, it just depends on preference! Next month, when my current course is over, I may go back to the 4 Week option of I may stay with the 8 Week one. We shall see! Until then, bis bald!

-Milan 🙂



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