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Happy Halloween

Berlin, am 30. listopada 2017

So it’s the scary time of the year, where the occasional vampire passed out on the footpath. It’s Halloween!

In Australia, Halloween is not that much of a big deal. As a kid, I did try ‘trick or treat’ but I did not do any tricks and I did not try to do it. Well, here in Berlin, it’s can be a big deal. And so, being last minute person, it’s too late to buy a costume so instead I draw on my t-shirt one of the weirdest and scariest error images you can get on your computer / laptop (see picture below). I think I was pretty scary.

There’s another halloween party this weekend, so I’ll don my nightmare inducing t-shirt, splash on a bit of fake blood, and weld a butter knife – I’m pretty sure I’ll be the scariest person there.




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