A walk around Strandbad Wannsee


Berlin is a fantastic city, but after visiting the must-see tourist attractions, you might be in the mood for escaping the city buzz and stroll around the beach. Yes, you are reading that right. The beach. Because as many other non-coastal cities, Berlin needs a place where its citizens can have a bath and enjoy the sun.

In summer, it is really popular to go there, and you need to buy tickets to access the beach facilities. Although in winter, you can walk through the wood and reach the shore beside this area for free. The views are amazing at sunset, as you can see on the picture above. Waking until the end of the platform, breathing in and soothing while you watch the huge body of water. If you happen to enjoy a nice winter day, with a hint of sun, it is more than worth the ride. In my case I was also lucky to find that the surface of the lake is still frozen, which was amazing.

For those of you who are interested in checking it out, the Wannsee lake is located in the metropolitan area, so you can easily get there taking the S7 or S1 S-Bahn lines. If you want to visit the shore of the lake in winter, exit the train station, cross the road and turn left, then take the first path on your right, passing by a hostel and walk straight until you see the lake.

Hope you like it in there as much as I did!