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Knoblauchhaus Berlin

Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am 29. travnja 2016

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Wooow this is such a beautiful museum!!! It’s the best place to go for a FREE museum visit where you could experience the authentic taste of Vintage Aristocratic Berlin house. I take all my visitor friends there. It’s a beautiful way to learn about Berlin and its people.

The Knoblauchhaus is a baroque building founded in 1760 with a gently curved façade. When you visit this wonderful place you will have the opportunity to dive into a different world as the whole house has original reconstructed living rooms. The first floor is dedicated to the Knoblauch family members and their own precious furniture, more than a century old.

The second floor contains every-day objects, pictures and family documents about social life, economy, politics, and architecture. That way you could investigate how was life in Berlin during the past era. The people who lived in the house – Knoblauchhaus family were businessmen, architects, politicians and scientists who contributed to the Berlin which we know today.

If you want to travel back in time …just go to Knobauchhaus near Alexander platz

You will be astonished 😉



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