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Five Commandments for the potential flat mate

Berlin, am 26. juin 2014

My beloved flat mate, Leah, has finished her internship in Berlin and unfortunately is moving back to France in a week. Therefore, the landlord published an ad and asked us to interview a few people he talked to on the phone. We were more than happy to assist him, yet we did not have a clue what we are facing… after four meetings, and since I do have myself some experience with exploring for WG-apartment, I give you the 5 Commandments of don’ts when going to an interview for a new WG:

  1. Don’t show up too early. If you have nothing to do before the scheduled interview – have a coffee/ sit on a bench/ talk to a friend on the phone/ read a book – the person who is supposed to interview you might not be at home/ might be in the shower/ might be in the middle of sex. And if you really have to – please call to make sure that the person is home or available!
  2. Don’t be late. No one cares that it is French or Mexican mentality to be late. This is Germany, and if you’re not on time, you’re off the list.
  3. Don’t take off your shoes without an invitation. Right, this is Germany, but no one wants to smell your feet without knowing you first.
  4. Don’t smoke before the interview. Even if the WG smoke, you want to open your mouth without smell like an ashtray. After showing you around, the next stage might be to smoke together 🙂
  5. Don’t dress like you just got back from a year trip in the caves of India. Most of the WG are looking for a responsible person. Dirt and druggy look in the eyes don’t give the right impression.

The most important thing is – smile and try to make an effort. Show the other WG you want the room, you are responsible and a nice person. The rest is really up to them. Viel Glück!








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