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Berlin the city of life

Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am 29. avril 2016


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How nice is to have a walk around our city. Berlin keeps me wonder every time I go out on the street. I love to live in this international city full of art, culture, history and life.

People call Berlin the city of Distinction. The city of Science. The city that deserves your undivided Attention.

I agree with that 100%. When you come to Berlin once, you will fall in love with it.

One of my favorite places in Berlin is Hackescher Markt platz. My friend and classmate Liza from DeutschAkademie took me for sightseeing there.  Few meters away from the S-band station you can find yourself seating in the Monbijou park facing the museum island. I love having a dink, seating on the grass and enjoying the view of river Spree which is always full with cruise boats.

Ornanienburg strasse is the main street which goes parallel along the park. If you decide to explore it, you will be amazed about the inner yards Cafés and shops. Liza took me for a tee in a hidden Tadshikische Teestube.



This area of Berlin is such a charmy place full with art galleries, exhibitions, fashion shows, unique shops and theaters. I was surprised with every step we gave.

I love Berlin

Living here is a privilege and a blessing



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