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Berlin, am 19. février 2021

Dania, 19th February 2021

The process that DeutschAkademie Berlin carries out to take care of their customers and to ensure that the service they offer is excellent is very comprehensive. They want to make sure that every student has a wonderful time learning German. For that, the staff in charge consults us, asks, listens, communicates and solves problems, doubts and complaints very efficiently and quickly.

You can contact them by phone, email, or visit them in the office at any time, and you will always feel welcome. On top of that, they send out short email surveys very often that only take a few minutes to complete. There you can let them know if you are satisfied or not and write your wishes, comments, or any criticism and suggestions.

They appreciate our feedback for continuous improvement because they strive to provide high-quality German courses and services. I can tell from experience that if you give them any feedback, they will contact you as soon as possible to talk more about what you need and to discuss the best way to help you.

I feel lucky to be learning German in a school that cares so much and, even on distance on a phone call, makes me feel welcome and heard. It feels as warm as the sign says: they truly believe that it’s great that you are here.

DaniaPeru – Viajera por el Mundo

IG: @dania_peru



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