Last day

So  today was the last day for our A1.1 class. I’m going to miss waking up at the crack of dawn and rushing out to get to class on time, jokes. Who I’m definitely going to miss is our Teacher, Kirima, she’s just so awesome. She’s really knowledgeable, friend and fun. I really hope I get her for A1.2 in December, I’m  planning to call and email Deutsch Akademie constantly until I get her as my teacher, sorry DA but I don’t think I could survive such an intense course without a familiar friendly face (December packs 4 weeks of lessons into 3 weeks).

I’m going to miss my classmates too, everyone is so sweet. One of our classmates even brought cake as a farewell gift to the class, we got to pick unicorn or mini-mouse plates, so sweet right?

We laughed so much, I really had a lot of fun today in class. We were given a choice of ending the lesson with some textbook exercises, reading or playing that German game we played last week. Yup, we opted for the game. We learnt some handy German sentences to use whilst playing, e.g. « Du bist Tran » (your turn) and « Ich bin die Beste! » (I’m the best, feminine).

My experience at Deutsch Akademie for A1.1 has been really positive. I’ve learnt an incredible amount. Looking forward to A1.2 (with Kirima, I hope).


Colors of October in Berlin


When I came to Berlin at the end of August, I heard that this summer was wet and rainy unlike a typical summer here. September was pretty nice here. At the beginning it was warm and sunny and later began to be a bit colder.

At mid October the fall arrived and the colors in the street has started to change. The leaves changing their colors the sun sets early… but there were like 2 weeks of beautiful weather and sun!

I love this time of the year, the colores of autumn or spring and i’d like to share with you the view from my class in DeutschAkademie school from just few days ago where you can see Alexanderplatz and the TV tower of Berlin:

And with these beautiful colors I say goodbye and till the next time 🙂



One more day to go

So there’s only one more lesson left, I’m a little sad. It’s been rather fun learning Deutsch, even though it’s so difficult. The fun factor is undoubtedly because of our teacher, her happy disposition definitely rubs off on us, otherwise being awake and engaged 8:30am would be a challenge! I’ll be continuing onto A1.2 in December, I really hope that I get Kirima again as my teacher, especially since December will have 4 weeks of course squeezed into 3 weeks, including Fridays; it’s going to be intense!

Today’s post is rather short and random. I’ve committed to writing 16 blog posts for Deutsch Akadamie and this post is my 15th! Needless to say, I’m running low on topics. My inspiration could have also been scared off by the dismal Berlin weather, it’s rainy, cold and cloudy. On days like this, I’m thankful for the candy stash that’s in every classroom on every desk. I’m also loving the free pens; much to my partner’s horror I don’t bother using pencils and highlighters, all I need to study is one pen and as soon as my pen ran out of ink I just picked up a new free one. Who doesn’t love freebies?

Stay warm and dry!