Seize the Spring!

Fabio, 09. Mai 2020

The dramatic change is around us, the trees boost bright green leaves and the flowers bring us the perfume of the new season, everywhere you look you see an explosion of color, we all get eager to go outside and enjoy finally some sun and those beer gardens and parks become so inviting.

Seize the opportunity to make new friends, socialize a little more, get to practice your German. The other day I was at the metro, and a gentleman approached me to ask for information, obviously I was scared because it takes time to be confident in the German Language, but I decided to use the opportunity to check how much I could understand. It’s important to always tell the other person that you are learning the language, so they will try to calibrate the vocabulary according to how much you understand, after 5 minutes of conversation the metro approached and we parted. I used all the content I had learned so far, about where I come from, a little about myself and my country, we spoke about the current situation in Germany, there were obviously moments I had to ask for clarifications but I was overall proud of being able to hold such conversation.

Every opportunity to practice and push yourself out there will build up your confidence and your enthusiasm about learning and improving, SEIZE IT AND HAVE FUN.