A Water Excursion- Around the Müggelsee, Berlin’s largest Lake

Berlin is blessed with a great city vibrant, lovely art scene and offers many different activities through its strategic location, surrounded by ample nature and landscapes including water excursions. This time I am fortunate to be given yet another exciting adventure, to take the 5 hours boat ride around Berlin’s largest lake, Müggelsee. It is about four and a half km in length with a two and a half kilometer wide, and at its depth is eight meters at its deepest. Our adventure began from the water arm by the town called Grünau, taking the boat out through Dahme and Müggelseedamm, before entering into the lake. It took us about 2 hours to get to the lake from where we started. And the view was nice, from having the scenery of rows of privately owned houses with privately owned boats to a regatta strips for some boat racing competition to smaller boathouses and we passed some of a worth mentioning buildings like the Museum of Decorative Arts in Köpenick district. Once we reached the lake, it was such a stillness atmosphere that we were just sitting quietly watching absorbing the view. Since it was already in Fall, not that many people were around the lake, so having the lake just to ourselves was surreal. We realized that our fuel was not enough to lead us back, so we made a stop near a town called  Erkner. We docked our boat and some of us walked to a petrol station while some left in the boat to keep an eye on it. It didn’t take us long before we continue our journey into SeddinSee and back to Dahme. I look forward to more of the boat adventure.  15