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Friends from DeutschAkademie

Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am 02. May 2016


Today I had a visit. I love having tee with my classmates from DeutschAkademie. After the classes, there is nothing better than a tea moment with a friend.

We had some chocolate croissants and cake while chatting in German. It was fun, we laughed a lot but we achieved to speak without the need to use English language 😉

Talking about our families, friends, our experiences in Berlin…it’s always so nice to listen and share with others.

I love a saying which states: “Learn from everyone, but copy no one”

I love to meet new people and to hear their story. Everybody has a unique life. Everybody is authentic and original. I love that the life of each person is written in an exclusive and creative way. Even twins have a different life journey. And that’s great! Diversity is beautiful!

Our life is an unfinished story.

Don’t be too busy.

Enjoy it!



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