Getting started


Hi there!

After the first week has gone by, I would like to talk a little bit about my first impressions of the course in DeutschAkademie. First of all, I was really impressed by the huge number of different nationalities than can be seen under one roof. For instance, just in my class we have people from Afghanistan, Israel, Canada, USA, Bulgaria, Spain, Syria and Romania. This is no doubt a reason itself to get involved in a foreign language course, because you have the chance to get to know international people and different cultures and ways to see the world (and who knows, maybe make some life-long friends to visit in the future!).

Moreover, what I see really interesting is that learning Deutsch is connecting very diverse people with completely different backgrounds. No matter what our main reason is, but we are all there at our own sweet will to learn this challenging but rich language. And that is a good starting point to get to know each other and share experiences and also lending a hand when someone needs it.

So this first week has been mainly for introductions and knowing a bit about our lives, but this has come through a lot of speaking between us and we already have had fun! And to my own surprise, I found myself handling a short conversation on a bus just yesterday, where I could use all the sentences and knowledge we have been going through our lessons. That was a very rewarding feeling that boosted my motivation to keep improving.

I encourage you all to put yourselves in new situations to practice all that you’ve been studying every day. You might end up with a smile on your face and proud of your good job 🙂