And another course conquered!

Only 2 more days left before I complete A1.2. It’s been a steep learning curve. We’ve learnt a lot and there’s still a lot more to learn. Just today I enrolled myself into the A2.1 January course.  I’m looking forward to going back to 4 days of classes a week, December has been very intense with 5 days of classes each week. This time I’ll be in D.A.’s second location in Alexander Platz, on Panorama Strasse. I’ve been told that there’s a beautiful view of the tower from that location. I’ll keep you posted as hopefully I’ll continue blogging 🙂 I’ll compare the view with what I currently see from class (see below).  In th meantime, I’ll be capturing my Berlin experiences on my own blog too, because who doesn’t have a blog?

I’m a little sad to again say good bye to my classmates. Most of the students in my A1.1 continued together into A1.2, but I skipped a month because of holidays, so I started A1.2 with new faces. Now, because I enrolled for A2.1 a little late, I’ll be in a different class to my current classmates, their class in full! So the next course will be with all new people, and a new teacher, again. The positive is that with every new teacher I’ve started to understand what teaching style works for me, and with new classmates there are more opportunities to make friends.

Bring on A2.1!!