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My 1st day at DeutschAkademie,Berlin

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am 07. febrero 2018

My German language studying course was started on 5th February, early in the morning, at DeutschAkademie,Berlin.

To the 1st lesson I came directly from the airport. I was so tired because of my flight, but even in such condition the lesson was very interesting and productive for me.

I liked so much our teacher and my group mates. We are 9 persons in the group. All of them are from various countries, so it is very interesting to communicate with them.

Our teacher is a very active, joyful, nice person. We did very interesting exercises during our lesson. They consisted of very important grammar and vocabulary aspects.

I hope with a such productive studying course my German language  knowledge will improve very soon and I will be able to reach all the aims which I plan with my German language as soon as possible.

After finishing my first lesson we walked in Berlin’s streets with my sister …

Although the weather was so cold, even in such weather  wandering in Berlin’s streets was very very nice …




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