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Write – Glue – Memorize IT

Berlin, am 05. junio 2020

Fabio, 05 June 2020

For most of us the biggest challenge when learning a language is to memorize all essential vocabulary. Often we push ourselves to memorize things when learning German super-fast, when in reality we learned our mother tongue in years and years. For sure our focus of learning as adults is much higher but here is a trick I found very useful and easy to introduce in your daily life.

Last week I have glued over the house few post-its with the name of few things I found most difficult to memorize. My particular difficulty was with cutlery. So I took a small post-it and wrote the names of it and glued it. So every time I go to get some I am forced to look at it. Or before I go and get one since now I know there’s a post-it there I think about the names of it before I get there. Believe me, in a short interval of time you won’t have to look at it anymore or even think about it. YOU WILL KNOW IT.

You can do it in all your house, in a discrete way, if you are too worried about the aesthetics of it. But since we are not allowed to receive guests because of Covid I think that should not be a problem. By the way, do not forget about the articles and if you have space the plural of those things. Keep learning. 




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