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ベルリンで一番美味しいケバプとカリーブルスト! The best Kebap and Curry Wurst in Berlin!

Keiko Asai
Berlin, am 22. octubre 2016


Top 2 Street food in Germany are of course Kebap and Curry Wurst! Today I’d like to introduce my favorite place where you can get the best Kebap and Curry wurst in Berlin.


まずケバプは「グスタファの野菜ケバプ」»Gustafa Gemüse Kebap»が美味しいです!私はチキン入りのケバプ一択ですが、名前の通り野菜ケバプも売っているのでベジタリアンの友人と一緒に行けるのも嬉しいですね。
For the best Kebap, I’ll say «Gustafa’s Gemüse Kebap» ! I always order Chicken Kebap, but they also have vegetarians Kebap, so your vegetarian friend also enjoy it.


Next, for the best curry wurst, I’ll say «Curry 36»! I love the juicy big German sausage and fresh fried potatoes with curry powder.

両方のお店はなんと10m圏内に お店があるので、どちらかが並びすぎていたら代わりに別のお店を選ぶのも手ですね。最寄駅は地下鉄Uラインの Mehringdamn駅です。お腹空きましたね〜
Both stores are very close to each other, like only 10m away. So one of them was too crowded, then you can check the another one. Nearby station is subway U-bahn: Mehringdamn station. Hungry now?



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