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Berlin, am 01. julio 2014

Berlin is full of guided trips. Everywhere you go, you see someone holds an umbrella and talks to a tiny microphone and a group of people following the umbrella. I took two awesome guided trips that I wanted to tell you about. Both are “Sandemans new Berlin”’ tours (you can find their brochure in every Starbucks- cost: 12 Euro, for students 10 Euro). The first tour was “Red Berlin.” For more than three hours we walked across Berlin and heard stories about the Stasi and the Berlin wall, how people managed to escape through different ways, how they lived back then… We went through the monuments, archive, East Side Gallery – it was an amazing and interesting tour!!

The second tour was the Alternative City tour. I wasn’t sure whether to take it, because I am not an art fan, but decided that Berlin has so much alternative art to show me, and the price is only 12 Euro… I had to see it for my own eyes. We met at Brandenburg Gate and walked around mostly in Mitte and Kreuzberg. I don’t want to ruin the surprise- it’s a really great tour, not only for art/ street art/ graffiti lovers, but for everybody 🙂

Both instructors were young students, knowledgeable, funny and fun!! Highly recommended!!




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