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What other people are saying about us

What other people are saying about us


There are numerous language schools in Berlin to learn German. We recommend that you ask other students about the quality of the German courses there. The rest of the information from each programme should be relatively easy to evaluate. What ultimately matters is that you make progress and have fun learning German:


1) Your German instructor

2) Your precise placement

3) Ability of the team to help you if there are problems


Many students in our German classes heard about us from friends and acquaintances. That’s a good place to start when making your own decision. If you’ve only ever heard of our German courses in Berlin via the internet or a search engine, or through some other advertising, we invite you to find out more about us.



Our Facebook page provides contact to students who have already taken a course and who are willing to describe their experiences with the German course at the DeutschAkademie. Because we have no way to monitor who you contact out of the 10,000 fans of our Facebook page, you can be certain you’re getting an independent opinion about our language school in Berlin.


Breaks during the courses

Another option is to approach our students directly during the breaks in our instruction. The breaks are typically given from 10:30–10:45 am, 1:30–1:45 pm, 4:30–4:45 pm and 7:30–7:45 pm. This is an excellent way to talk with current students and form your own opinion. If you’d prefer, we’d be glad to break the ice and introduce you to a group that’s currently taking a study break. We’re certainly thrilled that you’re taking the effort to learn more and are more than happy to help you in doing so!


Get to know our participants at our social tables

Come join us and meet our students in a relaxed atmosphere at a nice bar, café or restaurant. Our students will likely be more than happy to talk about our German course in Berlin. Our social tables are announced in advance on our blog and on Facebook on our fan page. If you’d like help initiating the first contact with our participants in the German course, we’re always more than happy to help you with this as well. You’re sure to have a fun evening.


Opinions of our students:

Some of our students from the German course write regularly on our blog. This is especially interesting because you have the chance to follow the daily experiences of our students and get good insight to what kind of things you can do in the German course in Berlin or after the German course. Students who write for our blog receive a discount on the German course. 1 to 2 students per month write about their experiences with the German course in Berlin.


Opinions on our website

These opinions come from our spontaneous surveys after the German course, or are written by the students on their own. Because the person can typically be identified via a Facebook account, you can rest assured that these are authentic opinions about our German course. Still uncertain? Just ask them.


We’re always grateful for students who are willing to share their opinion with other students after the German course in Berlin is completed. If you’d prefer to make your comments anonymously, we’d be happy to make that possible too.

Highest quality. Guaranteed.

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