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Neu in Berlin

Eduardo Peña
Berlin, am 21. October 2015

Hallo! Ich bin Eduardo und ich bin von Honduras. Ich neu in Berlin. I moved to Berlin two weeks ago planning to start a Master’s degree but decided soon after arriving that I would postpone this degree and learn German for the next few months instead. After researching several options and taking local recommendations, I signed up for courses at Deutsch Akademie and that’s how I ended up writing about my experience in Berlin.

As most new visitors, I decided to spend my first few days exploring the multitude of sights Berlin has to offer. I was lucky enough to enjoy what I hear are the last remaining few days of sunny weather since, “Winter is Coming”. Fortunately for me, my first few days included free concerts on ‘Tag der Deutschen Einheit’ (German Unity Day) and Berlin’s famous Festival of Lights.




(Left: Brandenburger Tor | Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Berliner Dom
Right: Palais am Festungsgraben | Juristische Fakultät, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

In my short time in Berlin, I’ve explored several of Berlin’s ‘Kiezen’, each with its own unique vibe. This has been important for me since part of my daily routine has been sifting through endless offers on WG Gesucht in order to find a more permanent address. I also heard from locals that the second best way of finding a flat is constantly mentioning it to new acquaintances, which is apparently how the magic happens! So this is me, not so subtly, putting it out there to the Deutsch Akademie blog community. If anyone wants a soon-to-be trilingual traveler at heart as a flat-mate, you know how to contact me. My course begins on Monday and I’m very excited to learn to say more than Bitte und Danke to people I encounter.

Prost und Bis zum nächsten Mal



Hello DeutschAkademie!

Tuuli Kaeramaa
Berlin, am 08. September 2014

Hello all,
My name is Tuuli. I am 25 years old, come from Estonia and started my B2.2 German language course in Deutschakademie today. I speak Estonian, English and I’m learning German, so my further posts will be in one of these languages.

Mina Eesti lipuga tere



There are 9 people in my class, which is (few) enough. I am used to learn in much bigger groups; but as we all know – the less, the better. Our teacher is bright-eyed young lady and the students come from all over the world – from New Zealand til Columbia.

As the group members didn’t mostly know each other, we played so-called speed-dating for start. There were couple of questions/topics given, that we had to discuss about during a limited time. Afterwards we spoke once again in an open round what we just got to know about each other. The truth is, it was difficult to remember all the details and people tended to talk about other themes than given. But as long as it was all in German, it was okay 🙂

After a little break, we started with our first topic, which is relationships. Through a brainstorming we created a joint mandala on whiteboard about the words that popped into our minds on this topic. Afterwards, we discussed about a mixed family picture in our book and passed a listening task about it. Once again, students were paired up and asked to talk about their own families.

First impressions

Those first three hours in DeutschAkademie passed like one wink. Since I didn’t (had a chance to) take any German classes in July and August at all, I was a bit afraid, that “waking up” my German sense will be pretty slow.  No way! Headfirst back to German and it’s coming rather fast. The atmosphere  was pleasant and free plus I didn’t feel like learning is a must. New day, new lesson tomorrow! It might get even better, since we will receive…. tadaaa, our books! 😉

See you,




First of Firsts

Berlin, am 21. March 2013

                                                                       First of Firsts

Hello Everybody… The flavours of first experiences are always memorable, first day at the university, first date, first award, first visit to Deutschland…name it and it is all there…But today as I sit to host my blog, a flurry of thoughts flood my mind, cause “This is My First Blog about My First Day in My First Deutsch Course during My First Visit to Deutschland…HUH”!!!

So what should I talk about?? As I am totally confused now, so was I when at 6:10 pm in the evening, I reached the Wittenberg Platz office of Deutsch Akademie, for my first lesson of Deutsch, which supposedly had begun 10 minutes ago. Ooops I was late….knowing that Germans are very punctual and particular about timings, I was feeling extremely awkward and started looking urgently for the room where my class was being held…

Suddenly a board draped in pink and yellow caught my eye…


With people around it whispering rooms and names, it was a delightful sight for me, which made me admire the professionalism of the administrative staff, something which is not a common spectacle back in my country.

The yellow chart had names and room numbers of each and every student who was to attend class on that day and supplementting it lied in pink, the architectural layout,guiding us exactly to the rooms we needed to go to…Suddenly, I felt I was at the right place…

Without much of a delay I located the way to my destination, and with anxious hands knocked at the closed doors of Room no 22 only to wait and hear…”Ya Bitte..”

The story on the other side of the door is what we talk about gradually in days to come.

Till then…



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