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First of Firsts

Berlin, am 21. March 2013

                                                                       First of Firsts

Hello Everybody… The flavours of first experiences are always memorable, first day at the university, first date, first award, first visit to Deutschland…name it and it is all there…But today as I sit to host my blog, a flurry of thoughts flood my mind, cause “This is My First Blog about My First Day in My First Deutsch Course during My First Visit to Deutschland…HUH”!!!

So what should I talk about?? As I am totally confused now, so was I when at 6:10 pm in the evening, I reached the Wittenberg Platz office of Deutsch Akademie, for my first lesson of Deutsch, which supposedly had begun 10 minutes ago. Ooops I was late….knowing that Germans are very punctual and particular about timings, I was feeling extremely awkward and started looking urgently for the room where my class was being held…

Suddenly a board draped in pink and yellow caught my eye…


With people around it whispering rooms and names, it was a delightful sight for me, which made me admire the professionalism of the administrative staff, something which is not a common spectacle back in my country.

The yellow chart had names and room numbers of each and every student who was to attend class on that day and supplementting it lied in pink, the architectural layout,guiding us exactly to the rooms we needed to go to…Suddenly, I felt I was at the right place…

Without much of a delay I located the way to my destination, and with anxious hands knocked at the closed doors of Room no 22 only to wait and hear…”Ya Bitte..”

The story on the other side of the door is what we talk about gradually in days to come.

Till then…



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