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An Opened door

Berlin, am 23. March 2013

                                                             An Opened door

Without much of a delay I located the way to my destination, and with anxious hands knocked at the closed doors of Room no 22 only to wait and hear…”Ja Bitte..”

“Entschuldigung(Sorry), I am late”… murmured as I made myself visible to the rolling eyes zealous to get my 1st impression. As I eased into the environment to find a place to sit, a subtle voice distracted my thoughts…”Hallo!@#$%%^&*&^^%+-*/&^^%^$#^%*!!……”

“What??Pardon me…could you please repeat?” is all I could say…

After a while of concentrated efforts, I could finally realise that the soft-spoken and docile lady, who was patiently tolerating my incapability to comprehend her, was our facilitator, Samantha, and the conversation (never in my life did I contribute lesser to a talk) that I had recently partaken was an introduction to my first task…


It was an interesting task…Poker with Words…Each person had to write 4 facts on a sheet of paper, obviously in Deutsch, out of which three had to be true and one would be false.Then each person in the room reads out the paper to all others and the person listening to them had to catch the lie. The person, who is never caught, wins the game.

Playing it for 15 Minutes at a stretch, none of us realized that we had encountered one of the most innovative icebreaker strategies which ended in most of us knowing each other quite well.

Now for those of you who are wondering how did I communicate in Deutsch, let me share a secret with you all…This class that I was attending was for the second level(A2) which meant that I was already well versed with level 1(A1). Hence it means that this was not my first encounter with the language although it was my first exposure to intensive learning at a Deutsch course.

So where did I lag??What did I miss??No points for figuring out that it was not Samantha’s mistake to have conversed with me in Deutsch, but it was a shortcoming on my part to have stood blank. The reason, I did not know…

By the end of the day’s class, I had figured out my blunder…All this while; I had been following a rather tedious approach of learning Deutsch:-I used to think in English and then translate in Deutsch. But all I needed to do was to keep it simple and directly think in Deutsch. To start off, goof-ups are inevitable…but once in groove, then there are no halts to success…

Never knew a simple game of poker would open the doors to a fruitful Deutsch Course…


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