Sights in Berlin
5 Minutes from the German Language School Alexanderplatz

What can you do in Berlin after your German course at Alexanderplatz? What is near your language school at Alexanderplatz in Berlin Mitte? How much time do you need from Alexanderplatz? What should you definitely see after your German course? Here you can find the sights that are no more than 5 minutes away from your language school Berlin Mitte at Alexanderplatz.

Berliner Fernsehturm 

Enjoying the view of Berlin after the German course in Berlin Mitte

3 minutes from your language school Berlin Alexanderplatz

Do you want to see Berlin from above after your German course at Alexanderplatz? Discover a sea of lights at night? Or get an orientation of Berlin during the day?

One of the sights that learners of German must not miss is the Berlin TV Tower. At around 368 metres, it is currently the tallest structure in the Federal Republic of Germany and an equally popular destination. Every year, around 1.2 million visitors enjoy the magnificent view over large parts of Berlin, for example the Reichstag or the Brandenburg Gate.

Due to the high number of visitors, tickets should definitely be reserved in advance. The television tower is located in the direct vicinity of the DeutschAkademie Berlin Alexanderplatz and is therefore easy to reach. You have a view of this landmark from some of the windows of the language school. The lift takes you up to just over 200 metres in a rapid 38 seconds – this is where you will find the viewing platform with its panoramic view. There are also bars and restaurants in the lofty heights of the TV tower to cater for your physical well-being.


The ideal meeting place after the German course at Alexanderplatz in Berlin Mitte

1 minute from your language school Berlin Alexanderplatz

Do you want to meet up with friends after your German course to discover Berlin? The Urania World Time Clock has adorned Alexanderplatz for decades and is a popular meeting place. If you meet here, you are guaranteed not to miss each other, because you can’t miss the world time clock.

As early as 1966, an old Urania column, a kind of street clock with a weather station, was found during earthworks. When the Alexanderplatz was due for renovation in 1968, the idea of building the new Urania World Time Clock was born.

In 1969, the 16-tonne, 10-metre-high world time clock was ceremoniously handed over to the public. The result is a column on which an enamelled cylinder sits. This cylinder consists of 24 segments and shows the times of important cities all over the world. Above this cylinder is the symbolic representation of the solar system, which was illustrated by metal circles and spheres.

Fontain of “Völkerfreundschaft”

A popular meeting place after your German course in Berlin Mitte

2 minutes from your language school Berlin Alexanderplatz

The Fountain of Friendship between Peoples is – just like the World Clock – a popular meeting place on Alexanderplatz. It was built in 1970 from glass, enamel, ceramic and copper and is now a listed building.

The fountain consists of 17 bowls that spiral downwards. Small fountains rise from each bowl, from where the water slowly trickles into the basin below. This basin is decorated with colourful ornaments and flows into an even larger, outer basin.

Altogether, the Fountain of Friendship between Peoples has a diameter of 23 metres and is 6.20 metres high. Another highlight is the fountain’s underwater lighting, which makes it a significant eye-catcher on Alexanderplatz even at night. A nice meeting place to discover Berlin after your German course!

Marx und Engels Statues

Two bronze sculptures of Karl MarxFriedrich Engels 

A 5 minute walk from your language school Berlin Alexanderplatz

The so-called Marx-Engels Forum consists of two bronze sculptures of the two philosophers of the same name and probably the best-known representatives of communism. Karl Marx can be seen sitting on a square block. To his left is Friedrich Engels, who can be admired at a larger-than-life height of 3.85 metres.

The Marx-Engels Forum has stood on Spandauer Strasse, very close to the Red City Hall on Alexanderplatz, since 1980. The sculptures stand here freely on a spacious square, but surrounded by green spaces. The residential buildings that used to stand here were destroyed in the Second World War and never rebuilt. The Marx Engels Forum can therefore be visited day and night.

Rotes Rathaus

Admire the Terracotta-Frieze also called “the Stone Chronicle”.

5 minutes from your language school Berlin Alexanderplatz

The Red Town Hall was built between 1861 and 1869. It was badly damaged, especially during the Second World War, but was largely reconstructed in the post-war years.

The Red Town Hall owes its name – how could it be otherwise – to its colouring, of course. The building is in the Renaissance style and is still one of Berlin’s landmarks. Several wings, three inner courtyards and the 74-metre-high tower characterise the Red Town Hall at first glance.

Today it is the seat of the Berlin Mayor and the Berlin Senate. Visitors have the opportunity to visit the Red City Hall from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 10 pm.

Einkaufszentrum Alexa

Go shopping, eat out or have a coffee after the German course at Alexanderplatz

Only 1 minute away from your language school Berlin Alexanderplatz

Do you want to go shopping, eat out or have a coffee at Alexanderplatz after your German course? Directly opposite the DeutschAkademie is the “Alexa” shopping centre, which you can visit with your friends from the German course.

It is one of the most important shopping centres in the city. And this despite the fact that it is still quite young: it only opened its doors in 2007.

Around 180 different shops are now located on a sales area of 43,000 m². 17 of them are gastronomic establishments, including small snack and snack shops as well as restaurants. The remaining shops in the Alexa Shopping Center are a colourful mix of small individual shops with individual assortments and large retail chains such as the electronics shop “Media Markt”.

In terms of the number of shops, the Alexa is the largest shopping centre in Berlin. It is estimated that more than half a million visitors come and go here every month.

It is unmistakable from the outside with its pink-red colour and almost windowless façade.

Shopping Mall Galeria Kaufhof

Here you can easily find everything after your German course at Alexanderplatz

1 minute from the language school Berlin Alexanderplatz

You want an alternative to the Alexa? Besides the Alexa Shopping Center, “Galeria Kaufhof” is a second large shopping centre located directly on Alexanderplatz. There are five floors on a total of 35,000 square metres – one of which is as big as an entire football field.

Visitors can find almost anything their heart desires here. Small souvenirs, stationery, furnishings or, of course, electronic goods and fashion. From youthful and sporty to elegant outfits, the assortment covers almost every taste.

The department for gourmets on the ground floor is also outstanding. Here you will find everything beautiful and delicious from all over the world.

Weihnachtsmarkt Wintertraum, zwischen Jannowitzbrücke and Alexanderplatz

Raising the adrenaline level after the German course at Alexanderplatz

Gleich um die Ecke von Ihrer Sprachschule Berlin Alexanderplatz, 3 Minuten

Do you want to have real fun in Berlin after your German course and get to know a Christmas atmosphere? Every year, many large and small Christmas markets open their doors.

Between Jannowitzbrücke and Alexanderplatz, the time comes every year in the run-up to Christmas. The spectacle starts around five weeks before Christmas and lasts until the festive season.

The Christmas market at Alexanderplatz is one of the largest markets in Berlin. Around 2 million visitors are expected each year on an area of 25,000 m². Admission itself is free, costs are only incurred at the stalls.

At the Christmas market at Alexa, thrills meet contemplation: Ferris wheels, lottery stalls and merry-go-rounds for young and old invite you to stroll, browse and have fun. Among around 100 stalls there are also plenty of treats, from sweets to traditional bratwurst or, of course, mulled wine and punch.

Hackesche Höfe

Discover romantic Berlin after the German course at Alexanderplatz

Only 5 minutes away from your language school Berlin Alexanderplatz

Do you want to go out for a nice meal and visit a huge courtyard area after your German course at Alexanderplatz?

The Hackesche Höfe in Berlin Mitte consist of a total of 8 individual courtyards, which are, however, connected to each other. This makes them the largest courtyard area in Germany. What looks unspectacular from the outside is all the more enchanting for locals and tourists alike when they enter.

In addition to offices and living spaces, there are numerous restaurants, clubs and bars, shops and galleries. What has long been an insider tip for Berliners is increasingly becoming the first port of call for visitors to Berlin who want to experience Berlin art and culture live. The Hackesche Höfe are not only known for their versatility, but also for their cosmopolitanism: People of all nations work and relax here.

Do you want to see more? Here we have collected even more sights for you that are less than 30 minutes away from your language school at Alexanderplatz!