Dania, 30 November 2020

In the A1.2 course we learn grammatical structures to ask, answer and describe different situations in a more accurate and complete way, and that is great! German, though, is full of short phrases that can have a variety of meanings depending on the region they are used. German is an official language in 6 countries, co-official in several other regions and each area has its own special words and phrases. I will talk about one that I love and if you ever visit the state of Tyrol in Austria you will find very useful!

This magical word is passt. It is normally used in German, comes from the verb passen and means to fit/match/suit, and it is used in phrases like passt schon when things are ‘all good’. But in the region of Tyrol, pass alone is a convenient word that works to describe a wide range of situations: it looks well: passt, I agree/approve: passt, I like/want it: passt, it’s correct: passt, I’m good/doing good: passt, it works: passt, in order: passt, it pleases me: passt, it’s nice: passt, I understand/know/get (that): passt, we do it: passt, ready: passt, sure: passt, no worries: passt, you’re welcome: passt, it’s not bad: passt, it tastes good: passt and much more!

A very handy word! I could hear passt everywhere in Tyrol, with so many possibilities one can get along with it well. Of course use your shining sentences in German as much as you can, but if you ever find yourself in Tyrol and its gorgeous mountains, make use of this little but so important word!

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