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The Right Language Teacher

Sam P.
Berlin, am 04. January 2016

DeutschAkademie does well when it comes to choosing teachers. My first teacher, Sophia, was really great at teaching A1.1. That is because she really interacted students be confident in trying to learn German. I personally think that the most important class is A1.1 because it sets up the foundation for the rest of the language. With Sophia I always had fun learning and there was always little games to play in German that made the class forget that we were learning. My second teacher, Stina, for A1.2 was different than my first teacher, but it was the right teacher for the next level. Stina didn’t allow my classmates and I to speak to her in English during class which made us act out the word and help our fellow classmates figure out German. Together my classmates and I worked as a team with our level of German. I enjoyed the challenge because it pushed me to speak German and to search for words in my dictionary. With the right teacher, I believe that learning can be fun and easy. Each teacher at DeutschAkademie has taught me that they have their own trick in order to make the learning in their classroom happen.


St. Nicholas Day

Sam P.
Berlin, am 13. December 2015


One of the holidays I was able to celebrate on December 6, was the day of St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas is a Turkish saint who is known as the gift giver. On the night of December 5, “St. Nicholas” comes to deliver small gifts in shoes. After waking up to such nice gifts on the 6 of December, I can imagine that many children around Germany were able to get double the gifts for their holidays. I enjoyed this holiday very much and I now can share a holiday that my country does not celebrate. I’m always up for exchanging what is new to me!


Neu in Berlin

Eduardo Peña
Berlin, am 21. October 2015

Hallo! Ich bin Eduardo und ich bin von Honduras. Ich neu in Berlin. I moved to Berlin two weeks ago planning to start a Master’s degree but decided soon after arriving that I would postpone this degree and learn German for the next few months instead. After researching several options and taking local recommendations, I signed up for courses at Deutsch Akademie and that’s how I ended up writing about my experience in Berlin.

As most new visitors, I decided to spend my first few days exploring the multitude of sights Berlin has to offer. I was lucky enough to enjoy what I hear are the last remaining few days of sunny weather since, “Winter is Coming”. Fortunately for me, my first few days included free concerts on ‘Tag der Deutschen Einheit’ (German Unity Day) and Berlin’s famous Festival of Lights.




(Left: Brandenburger Tor | Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Berliner Dom
Right: Palais am Festungsgraben | Juristische Fakultät, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

In my short time in Berlin, I’ve explored several of Berlin’s ‘Kiezen’, each with its own unique vibe. This has been important for me since part of my daily routine has been sifting through endless offers on WG Gesucht in order to find a more permanent address. I also heard from locals that the second best way of finding a flat is constantly mentioning it to new acquaintances, which is apparently how the magic happens! So this is me, not so subtly, putting it out there to the Deutsch Akademie blog community. If anyone wants a soon-to-be trilingual traveler at heart as a flat-mate, you know how to contact me. My course begins on Monday and I’m very excited to learn to say more than Bitte und Danke to people I encounter.

Prost und Bis zum nächsten Mal



Last day in A1.1

Elifsu D
Berlin, am 03. September 2015

My Wittenbergplatz story is just ended. But my Alexanderplatz story will start next monday. 🙂 4 weeks passed like 4 days. I had good friends and good teacher. I’m gonna miss them all. 🙁 I had a great time. I love my teacher Sophia most. She teached me so much things. Most important thing for learning is asking questions. I wasnt shy while i had been in my class. So i could ask everything which i didnt understand. Hopefully, my next teacher will be like Sophia. Today i’m a little upset beacuse of leaving Wittenbergplatz. But at the same time i’m glad, too. Because i’m excited for being in Alexanderplatz. I will take A1.2 level in Alexanderplatz DeutschAkademi. Alexanderplatz is more moving place. I’m pretty sure that i will have a great time! 😀 Difficult topics, new friends, new place, new teacher… They are all waiting for me in A1.2. This is my last day selfie. Tschüs!



Reichstag Diary

Elifsu D
Berlin, am 02. September 2015

There is a historical place in Berlin which i read books about it. Ofcourse it is Reichstag! I went to Reichstag by bike. It was amusing. Last year i read a book about Hitler’s period. The book’s name is Ring. It impressed me. There were a love story, World War 2 and people which are in the middle of the war. Some parts of book was related with Reichstag. The novelist told about Reichstag to the readers. Top of the building, soldiers in it, rooms in it and exc. They are all in the book. While i was reading the book, i dreamed about Reichstag. I havent been in Berlin so i can only dream about it. The book was wonderful and so was Reichstag. I dreamed about it last year and now i can visit it! It’s super! Dreaming about something and living in it are very different things. First i dreamed, now i made my dreams come true. I’m so glad! I like Reichstag. It has a different building. You can watch all the city on the top of the building. View of the city is perfect if you are on the top of Reichstag. Reichstag is a symbol of Berlin. If you came Berlin but didnt visit Reichstag, that’s a pitty. 🙂IMG_1491


The one with Deutsch is going harder

Elifsu D
Berlin, am 01. September 2015

Until now, learning Deutsch was going okay. But now, it is going harder. We have important issues now. I’m scared! :O Today we started a new topic. It is Perfect Tense. It was one of the confusing subject which i learned. The difference between akkusativ and dativ was a difficult topic. And making nouns plural was difficult, either. But this subject is harder than others. I have to study more. Last 2 days in A1.1. Subjects are getting harder. I think other serious issues are waiting for me in A1.2. But i still like studying Deutsch. 🙂 I love DeutschAkademi generally. They care about students. It is hard to find a language school like this. And i’m happy to have a family member who knows Deutsch as her first language. She knows Turkish, Deutsch and a little English. She speaks Deutsch fluently. Sometimes we practise Deutsch at home. Practise is the most important thing. Hopefully, i will learn Deutsch as she learned. 🙂 These are my untidy table and homeworks to do. 😀IMG_1731


The adress of peace

Elifsu D
Berlin, am

I think, the best park in Berlin is Volkspark Friedrichshain. If you want to enjoy the silence and nature, you should go there. You can go jogging, ride a bike and watch the ducks which are swimming in the lake. And there is also a cafe in the park. Today i went Volkspark Friedrichshain and i went jogging. I saw the people which were walking their dogs. The dogs i saw in Berlin are so lovely. I wish i had a dog but i havent. 🙁 After a little walking, i sat a chair on the lakeside. I was alone and i closed my eyes and breathed the air. That smells peace. I’m not kidding! You can just sit a chair on the lakeside and think about something or dream. This is necessary for a person sometimes.If you want to be alone and think, Volkspark Freidrichshain is the adress! I suggest  this park to everyone who reads my articles. 🙂  This photo is from the cafe which is in Volkspark Freidrichshain. Its milky coffee was good.




Elifsu D
Berlin, am 31. August 2015

If you are at Berlin and interested in sports, you should see OlympiaStadion. Once in 4 year, olympiads are arranged. The atmosphere in olympiads is incredible. Especially running. When Asafa Powell, Usain Bolt and other start to run 100 metres, i hold my breath. It’s the most exciting thing in the World. They run 100 metres in 9 second or something. That’s unbelieveable. Usain Bolt had 3 gold medals in 2009 Berlin World Championships. You can see some sporters handprints or footprints in the garden of OlympiaStadion. For example, i saw Robben’s footprints. Robben is the one of my favourite footballers. He is playing in Bayern Münich. And Bayern Münich is my favourite team. I really want to watch Dortmund-Bayern Münich match in OlympiaStadion. In 2014 at OlympiaStadium Dortmund and Bayern Münich had match. And Bayern beated Dortmund 2-0 in Berlin. Hopefully, one day i can watch BVB-FCBM match in OlympiaStadion. Bundesliga is the best!