Language School Berlin

Alexanderstr. 9
D-10178 Berlin

Tel : +49 30 26947920

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 7pm (CET)
Friday: 10am – 3pm (CET)

Teachers and Methodology in your German course

We incorporate a variety of different methods in teaching German, and select a mix that best serves the needs of the students. Communicative methods in particular are usually our students’ favourites. Our years of experience make it possible for us to seek out top German instructors. We select our German instructors based on their personality, experience and training.



At the DeutschAkademie language school there are never more than 5–10 persons per German course. This ensures that you’ll have a turn to speak and that the instructor can work on your needs and questions.

Within a small group, the German instructor can choose a much more active method of teaching for the students than is possible in a larger group. The DeutschAkademie tested different group sizes and found that 12 students represents the optimal size for our students, not to mention that it provides the best value for your money.

Our course groups are international and multicultural.



international atmosphere in the German course


We also offer private lessons for specialised, highly individualised or high urgency requirements.






We’ll make sure you end up in the right course! We conduct oral and written tests to provide an accurate snapshot of your current German skills. Accurate placement is one of the prerequisites for a successful German course.



With thousands of students tested, the DeutschAkademie has worked hard to refine its placement tests. Our staff has been trained to make sure you’re assessed correctly. Take some time and come visit us. Counselling on choosing the right course and our placement test are free and non-committal.



Course times

Course times at the DeutschAkademies inVienna, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg are:

  • 9-12 am
  • 12-3 pm
  • 3-6 pm
  • 6-9 pm

always from Monday to Thursday. We also offer additional courses on Friday, such as our “Plus course”. This German course provides support with the homework or questions that you might want answered outside the framework of your intensive course.

We also offer special grammar and conversation courses held only twice per week.

In December the German courses are generally held from Monday to Friday over a condensed 3-week period. Because this adds up to fewer total course hours, the class decides together on another time of day to make up the missing 3 hours.

Our most popular course time is 9 to 12 am, so we recommend that you reserve and book your spot early if you’re considering a German course for those hours. There are generally still places available for all course levels during the 9 to 12 am block up to 2 weeks before the start of the course.




Highest quality. Guaranteed.

Free online german course


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