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Learn German for free

Learn German for free for all participants – even if you are not registered at the DeutschAkademie.

Free German audio course for beginners

With this audio course, you can lean back and relax while at the same time learning listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary. At the beginning of exercises, grammar and vocabulary are explained to you in English. You learn to introduce yourself, ask for directions, go shopping and more…


Free online German Grammar Trainer

With more than 20,000 exercises relating to all points of German grammar, this free online German course is unique. You can individually tailor your exercises according to level, course book or grammatical theme.  After your free registration, your German teacher answers any questions you might have if you do not understand an exercise’s solution.


Free dative and accusative exercises

Here you have access to all dative and accusative exercises sorting according to language level. This allows you to easily practice this area of grammar. After you have done the exercises, you will be able to naturally use the right case in your spoken German. We have created for you an comprehensive guide to the dative and accusative (German’s third and fourth grammatical cases)


Free German course apps for Android

Learn German with DeutschAkademie” is a free app for Android and offers the possibility to practice German grammar on a smartphone while you are on the move. The app contains more than 20,000 exercises in German grammar and best of all, they are completely free! 

  • 20,000 German grammatical exercises
  • Exercises are organized according to level, course book or subject
  • User-personal statistics and evaluations
  • 100% free


Free grammar charts

Our free grammar charts support you in learning German. At a glance, you can find the most important grammatical themes from your German course in Berlin: prepositions, including those which take two cases, frequent verbs with the nominative, dative, accusative, word order… You are welcome to keep your grammar chart; in fact, it is here waiting for you to pick it up. Hang it up in a place you often see. Learning German is that simple.


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Free online german course


Learn German online for free and practice your grammar: Online German Course