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Accommodation in Berlin & German course

Please note that we currently do not offer accommodation.

Do you want to live in Berlin but have no accommodation? In addition to your German course at the DeutschAkademie Berlin, we are happy to find suitable accommodation for you. Whether with a Berlin family, shared flat, in international student dorms or a rented flat; we will find the correct accommodation for you. Those providing accommodation are chosen according to strict criteria. This ensures you will not only be happy during your German course but in your accommodation too.

Host family

You will be welcomed into a warm host family in Berlin and get to know, in addition to the language, German customs, traditions and culture. A guest family is not always a “traditional” family. Our guest families are sometimes single parents, couples without children or single people. Our host families will be happy to get to know you and also spend some time with you. You will have your own room (possibly a double room) and share both a kitchen and the bathroom with your hosts. Our hosts families live 60 minutes away at most from the DeutschAkademie Berlin. That’s a short distance in a city as large as Berlin.

Shared flat (WG)

In a German WG, you will share a flat with other people. You will have your own room (a double room if desired) and will share a kitchen and bathroom with your hosts and possibly with other residents. You may be living with a single other person or many other people. Our hosts are architects, salespeople, pensioners, housewives and artists. Some hosts take more than one student from the DeutschAkademie Berlin at a time. Our flats are a maximum of 60 minutes distance from the DeutschAkademie; for such a large city as Berlin, this is a short distance.


You can find more information about prices here.

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