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Berlin, am 16. February 2013

I have no idea how DeutcheAkademie at Wittembergplatz look like, but here, at Alexanderplatz, it’s nice and cosy. There are 6 (?) classrooms but at the time I’m there there it’s never full. And that’s great. No crowd, no noise from the corridor, no line to the toilet durin the breaks. I like this quiet atmosphere. And I appreciate that they provide a space to gather. You will find it at the end, on the right side. Take a looka at this funny seats located in front of coffe machines. Aren’t they cute?


mit Milch

Berlin, am 14. February 2013

Usually I try not to drink coffee after 6pm but there are some days when I need it more than air, whatever the time is. Fortunately there is not one, but two coffee machines in DeutscheAkademie. They are both usefull, but when it comes to taste  I definatelly recommend the smaller one,  from Lavazza. I heard they are going to exchange it for a better model. Seriously, can it be better?

The course is going fine. It truly deserves it’s name: intensive. It feels like someone is pushing information inside my head.



Berlin, am 06. February 2013

As it happens at school, higher you are, harder it gets.  I guess it’s time to speed up with vocabulary and all the rest.  And I will be doing it with pure pleasure if I find enough time. And strenght. Motivation is already there. After two meetings I can say that our new teacher seams to be experienced and focused on things he wants us to learn, which is great. There are 6 of us from the previous group and 4 new students from Colombia, Greece, Romania and  Poland. I cant imagine better company for upcomming month.


one month summary

Berlin, am 04. February 2013

Somehow the first month is over, 16 meetings, 48 hours of german lessons are after me. On Wednesday we had a test to control our progress (or it’s lack), Thursday was theoretically the day to say goodbye, but in fact I’m seeing most of the people tomorrow on B.1.1 course, yey! I’m satisfied with test’s results. I made some failures but as I didn’t have time for review, I was expecting much worse.   Anyway, that was a good month. I’m not saying it was easy cause it’s not: working full time, taking intensive german course and trying to keep private life alive requires some effort, but results are convincing enough to start it all over again.

B 1.1, here I come.

PS.  The weather is horrible right now in Berlin. Sometimes I find this rough city views attractive.



Berlin, am 30. January 2013

I’m already sad because of the upcomming end of my A2.2 course. Fortunatelly the most of us from the group are continuing, which confirms my feeling that this course was a good one.  We do a lot of grammar right now, it makes us feel confused every 10 minutes. I’m looking forward to the moment where all these rules /exeptions are intuitive and easy like piece of cake.  But is it going to happen.. ever? We’ll see.  Now I’m enjoying the new ability to open my mouth  in public – in german.  It doesn’t happen too often but at least I’m able to answer simple questions at work.  At this moment the biggest victim of my evening course are my neighbours who have to deal with me making laundry at 10pm. Entschuldigung 😐




Berlin, am 26. January 2013

Here in Berlin each cyclist is a holy cow on the road. Consequently, buying a bike is a must to do thing for everyone who moves here.  Great number of cycling paths makes it the most efficient mean of transport (yes, even better than incredibly good u-bahn and s-bahn). Unfortunatelly, now for me is way too cold to use it, so I left my bike in the courtyard of my building and I visit it with a sad look every time I throw litters. Maybe if it gets a little bit wormer next month I will try, cause then I could make the distance between my office and DeutscheAkademi in 5 minutes. Talking about the school- it’s only one week left. I’m really happy with the progress I made during the last 3 weeks, so I’m looking forward what comes next.



Berlin, am 23. January 2013

Yesterday we were learning vocabulary that describes human body. I was particulary fascinated by the drawing our teacher made on the board, so I took a photo of it. It’s cute, isn’t it? After that we were asked to play a game in pairs: one person was describing a picture of a man she/he had, and the second one was supposed to draw. You can imagine how funny the final ‘portrets’ were.


What is your reason?

Berlin, am 21. January 2013

First of all, let me introduce you two important girls from DeutschAkademie/ Alexanderplatz:  Hella, my teacher aaaaand a girl from reception who’s name I unfortunatelly don’t know but I ensure you, she’s really nice too 🙂  They must have many interesting things to say about language school and what is going on around. Everyday they meet poeple who moved to Berlin because of… something. From my experience most of them are learning german cause they want to find a job here, or they already have it but still ‘ja’, ‘nein’ and ‘danke’ is not enough to cammunicate with the world around.  I guess there can be other motivations like love affairs, school demands, parents’ aspiration or simply I_have_nothing_better_to_do_with_my_life.  Who cares, learning new language is always a cool thing.


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