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Charity water

Berlin, am 05. August 2016

Friday 3rd of June will be a Big day. Berlin is hosting a 5 km run which takes place in the Tiergarten. Many people are going to participate. Many are going to run for pleasure with their friends but many will be doing it for purpose. My friend Madi and I are going to run for charity water. We are passionate about helping people who don’t have access to clean water.

  • It’s so sad to know that still today in 21st century 1.1 billion people in the world cannot drink clean water (Europe has a population of less than 1 billion people)
  • These people sometimes need to walk during 30km per day in order to collect dirty water from lakes, rivers and ponds.
  • Every 19 seconds a mother loses her baby, as babies are more vulnerable to get sick after drinking dirty water.
  • 4500 children will die today from water diseases.

How sad and how amusing is that many of us don’t know the size of this BIG problem.

1 Euro gives clean water to 1 person for the whole 1 year.

Can you imagine? When my friend and I heard that every euro can help we were really passionate about the opportunity to be the change for these people.

So we decided to get creative baking some yummy cupcakes and selling them in DeutschAkademie. It was fun. We baked 60 cupcakes and we spoke to many of the students. Many of them were really happy to help and they all bough a sweet cupcake for themselves.

It’s great to meet so many generous people. We can only make a difference when we are together in this big cause.

You can still donate here

Generosity is not about the size of your donation but about the size of your hearth.





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