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Important Event in Berlin

Berlin, am 28. March 2013

Important Event in Berlin…

Hey friends, today as I sit down to pen my thoughts for the blog, I wanted to write about something that will be very informative and useful for everyone here. As I was reflecting on events to share, an interesting fact came to my mind that my professor at the university had shared with us today. It was “Connecticum 2013”.

I am pretty sure that most of us know what this is all about… but there would be some who are hearing about this for the first time. Now if you happen to fall in the second category, then you are reading the right page because here I am going to share some crucial information I have about the event “Connecticum 2013”.

We all are here in Deutschland, learning Deutsche at the Deutsch Akademie. I believe one of our major reasons to come here and study the local language is our respective careers. Some people will begin and take the first step in their careers while others will move up and climb the next ladder to success. But in order to do all this, one thing which we all need in common is the right profile or the right job to place ourselves. Now this is what exactly the event “Connecticum 2013” does.

The Connecticum is one of the biggest job fairs for students and alumni, held once in a year in Berlin. This year it is to be held from the 23rd to 25th April 2013. There are more than 350 renowned employers who give presentations and offer exciting job opportunities to students, graduates and professionals. People all over Europe and Asia come over to Berlin to visit this job fair on previous recommendations from their colleagues and friends. Main focus of this event is caters to the needs of the engineering, computer science and economics streams.

So all those who are currently looking for a job or want an exciting opportunity to switch, this event might serve you as a great tool to inform yourself about the prospects that are currently on offer in the market. Hence, for those of you interested, please do your research on the official website of the event. You can reach there by searching about it on Google.

Hope this information will be of use to all the readers…



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