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Hello DeutschAkademie!

Tuuli Kaeramaa
Berlin, am 08. September 2014

Hello all,
My name is Tuuli. I am 25 years old, come from Estonia and started my B2.2 German language course in Deutschakademie today. I speak Estonian, English and I’m learning German, so my further posts will be in one of these languages.

Mina Eesti lipuga tere



There are 9 people in my class, which is (few) enough. I am used to learn in much bigger groups; but as we all know – the less, the better. Our teacher is bright-eyed young lady and the students come from all over the world – from New Zealand til Columbia.

As the group members didn’t mostly know each other, we played so-called speed-dating for start. There were couple of questions/topics given, that we had to discuss about during a limited time. Afterwards we spoke once again in an open round what we just got to know about each other. The truth is, it was difficult to remember all the details and people tended to talk about other themes than given. But as long as it was all in German, it was okay 🙂

After a little break, we started with our first topic, which is relationships. Through a brainstorming we created a joint mandala on whiteboard about the words that popped into our minds on this topic. Afterwards, we discussed about a mixed family picture in our book and passed a listening task about it. Once again, students were paired up and asked to talk about their own families.

First impressions

Those first three hours in DeutschAkademie passed like one wink. Since I didn’t (had a chance to) take any German classes in July and August at all, I was a bit afraid, that “waking up” my German sense will be pretty slow.  No way! Headfirst back to German and it’s coming rather fast. The atmosphere  was pleasant and free plus I didn’t feel like learning is a must. New day, new lesson tomorrow! It might get even better, since we will receive…. tadaaa, our books! 😉

See you,





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